Ashbourne (Killegland) in the 17th century

How we looked many, many years ago!

The Civil Survey was a survey conducted in 1654 – 1656 which listed all landowners in 1640 and all new landowners. This followed the defeat of the Irish rebellion in 1641 and the subsequent confiscation and redistribution of land. Ashbourne does not appear in the survey obviously as only the townland of Killegland existed at the time.

The entry reads:

The parish and towne of Killiglan   % of a plowland     360 acres – 300 arable, 16 meadow, 44 pasture

Bounded on the east with the lands of Milltawne, on the west with the lands of Raystowne, Ballibine & Cookeston, on the north with the lands of Ballmadone & on the south with the land of Hurlockstowne. There are on the premisses a castle a stone house with out houses a church a mill & divers cabbins.

Propietors in 1640 Pair Segrave of Killeglan

A few years later in 1659 the census entry for Killeglan was:

 Killeglan towne   037 people            English 002        Irish 035.

Note: Spellings are exactly as they appear on the Survey.

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