An Introduction To The Ashbourne Lecture Series

The next ten years will see the centenaries of many events that have had a formative influence on our society as it is today. Most everybody is aware of the upcoming 1916 centenary, but each year from now until 2022 will see the 100th anniversary of events, both in Ireland and on the wider world stage, that have shaped how history played out since then and continue to influence our lives today. Later in 2013 will see the anniversary of the Dublin lockout, next year the outbreak of the Great War, and so on.

Our plan is to present a lecture each year on the key event/s of that year 100 years ago that we judge to have been the seminal event of the year, in terms of its future impact. We will seek a style of presentation that is balanced between scholarly and popular, and if practical, discussion will be encouraged. Although we know it will be a challenge, we will seek to apply a lens that is objective and clinical, hopefully devoid of the emotion that some of these subjects often generate. 100 years on, we feel this should be possible and perhaps overdue, but time will tell.

Our first lecture, on the Home Rule bill of 1912, took place in Ashbourne library on January 15th 2013. The lecture was delivered by Dermot Meleady, historian and author of the 2008 biography of John Redmond.

We are asking for your support in this ambitious undertaking by helping us publicise the lecture series and of course by attending the individual events. It has great possibilities and we commend it to you for your support.


Lecture theme/s



The 1912 Home Rule Bill Dermot Meleady, Jan 15th., 2013, Ashbourne Library @ 7pm. 

Biographer of John Redmond


The Dublin Lockout

Padraig Yeates,

Author and Historian “Lockout: Dublin 1013, A City inWartime: Dublin 1914-1918, A City in Turmoil: Dublin 1919-1921

Nov 5th, 2013. Ashbourne Library @ 7.30pm.


The 36th Ulster Division in WW1

Lecture by Philip Orr 

Author and Historian ; The Road to the Somme; Men of the Ulster Division tell their story & Field of bones: An Irish Division at Gallipoli

October 2014


Arthur Griffith, The IRB and the Easter Rising

Lecture by Owen McGee 

Author and Historian; Arthur Griffith

November 2015.


The Strange Death of Home Rule

Lecture by Dermot Meleady, 

Biographer of John Redmond

November 2016


Irish Polish Relations


Lecture by Dr. Gabriel Doherty of UCC 

November 2017














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