Frederick Bourne

If you take a look at the Register of Electors you will notice that the Main Street in Ashbourne is actually called Frederick Street and one of the commercial buildings opposite the church is called Frederick House. The ‘Frederick’ in question is one Frederick Bourne who also gave his name to the village of Ashbourne and is remembered in Bourne Avenue, Bourne View etc, etc.

Frederick Bourne was a business man who took advantage of a good opportunity. There was much investment in Ireland in road building in the early 1800’s to carry passengers and mail. To maintain these roads was very expensive and many of them were given into private ownership and tolls were established to pay for the upkeep. Frederick Bourne was responsible for the road from Glasnevin to Killegland with tolls at Glasnevin and at the Coolquoy Lodge. This was later replaced by a toll at Killegland and the road was extended to Curragha Bog. Frederick Bourne decided to establish a village at the site of the toll in Killegland and in 1820 signed a lease for the land along the road from the local landlord, Carter. A village, Ashbourne, was then built along the new road. Frederick Bourne himself lived in Terenure, in what is now Terenure College.

 Narrative Copyright © Ashbourne Historical Society
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