Local Place Names: Segrave Square

One of the newest housing developments in Ashboume is called Segrave Square. The Segrave name was once of major importance in the area.

The Civil Survey of the 1650’s was a list of land ownership in 1640. In this Patrick Segrave of Killeglan is named as the proprietor of the ‘Parish and towne of Killeglan 3/4 of a plowland with 360 acres’of which 300 were arable. It is observed ‘There are on the premises a castle a stone house a church a mill and divers cabins’.

The lands of Killegland had previously been owned by the Wafre family who lived there for almost 200 hundred years until 1420. It was one of the last of the Wafre family who built a tower house or castle in Killegland. This castle and its lands carne to the Segrave family through marriage and they remained owners until 1649. They became one of the most influential and wealthy non-aristocratic families in Ireland during the 1500s.

In the rebellion and turbulent times ofthe 1640’s, Patrick Segrave of Killeglan is named amongst those who tried to defend Kilsallaghan Castle against English forces. Following the Rebellion the lands and castle of Killegland were granted to Cromwell’s son and later to Thomas Carter, a soldier and adventurer. It was during this time that the castle was allowed to fall into ruin.

(References: Fair Fingall by P. Archer; Local oral sources; and website www.angelfire.com/ak2/ashbourne)

Narrative Copyright © Ashbourne Historical Society
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