Racehill, Ashbourne

We return to the Ordnance Survey Field Names book 1835/36 for the last time to the heading ‘Miscellaneous Features’. Here we find a description of The Race Hill ‘from Local Sources’ :

“Situated on field N. of the road from Dublin to Drogheda, and also one field N. W. of the town of Ashbourne.

This hill is the highest ground in the parish. Two or three steeple-chases are held here during the year. There is always one in November and another is held at Easter. The horses start from the Race Hill, run N. W. through the parish for nearly half a mile, enter the County of Dublin, keeping N. for some distance, and then turn to the S.E. through the parish of Donaghmore until they again enter the parish of Killegland within one field of the Race Hill, at which hill the race terminates. There is a temporary wooded stand erected on the top of the hill for each race meeting.”

There is also a short description of Killegland Castle :

“Situated at the south end of Castle Street, in the town of Ashbourne. This is a square tower, the only part remaining of what was once a large building. ”

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