The Brindley Memorial

Many people travelling through Ashbourne wonder about the ‘thing’ on the hill in the field on the left hand side past the Niner as you travel into Dublin. It is also visible, on the right, as you travel towards Donaghmore church.

The Brindley MemorialWhat one can see is the Brindley Monument – erected in memory of Charles Brindley for his loyal service to the Ward Union Hunt. Charles Brindley was born in Staffordshire and he came to Ireland in 1833 to work for Lord Howth. He was appointed huntsman to the Ward Union Hunt in 1844 and moved to Ashbourne in 1866. The hunthouse where he lived was on the site of the present shopping centre in the village. Charles Brindley died in 1879 after 35 years as huntsman. His son and grandson later succeeded him.

After his death his many friends erected a sandstone monument in his honour. The monument is built on what was a prehistoric site and later the site of a motte and bailey. There are carvings depicting hunting scenes around the monument and a plaque to commemorate Charles Brindley. The plaque reads:

Erected as a lasting testimony to

Charles Brindley

By his many friends

In affectionate remembrance of

His faithful services as huntsman

For thirty-five years to the

Ward Hounds

January 1880

Narrative and photographs Copyright © Ashbourne Historical Society 
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