The Ten Mile Stone

The 10 Mile Stone in Ashbourne is not that easy to spot, nestling as it does between the wall of the church and the wall of the Stag’s head where it blends in , as it is painted the same colour as the wall of the pub.

Like the 9 Mile Stone, located at the ‘Niner’ (the junction with the Ratoath road), the 10 Milestone measures ten Irish miles from rather than the statute miles in use today.

The milestones were erected when the North Road from Glasnevin to Curragha was built between 1809 and 1820. Tolls were levied to pay for the upkeep of the road and as these tolls were based on the number of miles travelled, milestones were required to mark distances.

Some of the milestones are still to be seen: the 6 Mile Stone is north of the Ward Cross at the entrance to a field where it is part of the gate, the 8 Mile Stone is on the Dublin side of the turn for the Wotton G.A.A. Club.

The 10 Mile StoneA Close up of the 10 Mile Stone

Narrative and photographs Copyright © Ashbourne Historical Society
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